The easiest way to securely collect sensitive data.

Data collection with all the benefits of data protection and compliance
Service without risk

Collect, store and access sensitive data while offloading liabilities through a secure service powered by blindnet.

Business advantage

Improve customer retention and loyalty when you turn privacy into an asset by building trust from the first interaction.

Easy Compliance

Allow your customer to access their personal data and comply with mandates in GDPR and CPRA.

How Privateform works

Step 1

Open an account

Simply sign up with your email for the service that keeps your data safe. And helps you comply with the regulations. Because that is important.

Step 2

Personalize your page

Add information about your company. The more, the merrier. It adds credibility when you send a data request to your customers.

Step 3

Add forms to your profile

Pick from predefined forms. Or import your own custom form. The choices are simply unlimited.

Step 4

Send data requests

Select a form from the list. Enter customer information. Click send. Repeat. It is that easy, really.

Step 5

Access collected data

Access and search submitted forms. Anytime and anywhere. And it is all secure, for your convenience.

Step 6

Respond to data requests

Manage customers' data requests for personal information. Privateform automatically collects relevant information for your to review and act on the request.

Stop worrying about data breaches.
Start building trust with your customers.

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Standard and custom forms
Secure storage
Regulatory compliance
Fulfillment of Data Subject Rights


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Additional features include:

Extra storage
Domain personalization
Multi-user access